Have You Had Enough Of Paying Someone Else To Do Professional Header Graphics For You?  

Do You Want An Instant, Easy Solution?

If You Answered "yes", to the above question then you are going to love this page!


Yes, you can have your very own web pages and you can personalise them yourself!

From:  Christine Robins

Dear Soon-To-Be Web Designer

How long do you think it took a grandmother to create the header graphic you see below?  (Yes, we're serious... we have a grandma in our office, but don't let her hear you call her that!)

An Hour?  An hour and a half?  If you thought it took all of this time (or more since it was Grandma) to create this professional header graphic, you only guessed way too long.  What if we told you that it took her less than 10 minutes!

Are You Tired Of Paying The Pro's?

You can pay a Professional up to $90.00, $140.00 and MORE for graphics not even close to the quality of this header!  So how about you stop wasting hours and hours trying to create a decent header graphic yourself and stop PAYING THE PRO's.  Say what grandma did ..."THIS IS AS EASY AS IT GETS!"

In less than 10 minutes you can create your own professional header graphics so you will never have to pay a professional again, and it is so easy that anybody who can type can do it.  You read this correctly... anybody who can type can do it!  This means that you will...

  1. Never pay too much for one graphic ever again,
  2. Never have to wait three days or more for a graphic ever again,
  3. Never have to send 20 emails before it finally looks like you want it to look.

Here are all the details...  You're about to get your hands on...


40 Free Enterprise/ Totally Customisable

 Professional Header Graphics

And for way less than the cost of one professionally designed header graphic! Yes, again, you read that right... 40 totally customisable headers for way less than the cost of one.

Check them out now... displayed in all their glory on the following five separate pages. (We've put them on separate pages to reduce your waiting time for them to load).

Click Here: - 1- 10 Free Enterprise Professional Header Graphics

Click Here: - 11-20 Free Enterprise Professional Header Graphics

Click Here: - 21-30 Free Enterprise Professional Header Graphics

Click Here: - 31-35 Free Enterprise Professional Header Graphics

Click Here: - 36-40 Free Enterprise Professional Header Graphics

All these graphics come in .PSD (PhotoShop Document) format and every aspect is easily editable with a image editing program such as PhotoShop itself, or Fireworks or Gimp (which you can get for free - details in the package).

But what if I told you that that's not all you'll receive?!  We're also including full Master Resell Rights for ALL these 40 header graphics.  And that means you can....

  1. Modify and use these graphics however you want.
  2. Start your own business where customers pay you to create headers.
  3. Sell these Free Enterprise Graphic Headers and keep all the money.

And That's Only The Start!  

You'll need more than just Headers if you're to have your own websites.  So, to make this product extra special, we're going to add some EXTRAS!



9 Free Enterprise Background images with the .psd files

so that you can change these words to your own product name!

bg1 bg2 bg3

bg4 bg5 bg6

bg7 bg8 bg9



5 Free Enterprise Purchase/Subscribe Buttons with the .psd files

and last but certainly not least (you are going to love this one)



Four Video Tutorials

These tutorials are a 'must have' video pack.

      1 Video Tutorial on Stamped Backgrounds
       1 Video Tutorial on Making Buttons
      1 Video Tutorial on Making and Editing the

             Headers/.psd files

Lets do a quick recap about what you will receive ...

  1. 40 Totally Customisable Professional Header Graphics - So that you can create your own professional header graphic in less than 10 minutes.
  2. 9 Totally Customisable Background Graphics - So you can create your own professional backgrounds in seconds.
  3. 5 Totally Customisable "BUY NOW/Subscribe" Button Graphics - Create your own buttons like a professional.  They've been designed to get the click.
  4. 3 Video Tutorials - Learn the basics of graphic design and customisation the easy way with these tutorials.
  5. 1 Complete Website Sales Page - Yes, you get the right to use this exact sales page to sell these graphics in exactly the same way.

What a package!  And if you're not totally thrilled, you get a 100% refund.

Here's our usual

We want all of our clients to be thrilled with the value and the quality of their purchases.  So if, after having a look through the total package, and testing it out, you don't agree that this is simply the best offer you have seen in ages... then just let us know and your money will be returned.

We promised you earlier that you would pay far less for "40 Graphic Headers Plus!" than you would pay a Professional Designer for just one.  Then we added all the extras and Master Resell Rights so that you can get your investment back quick time! 

We've even added a copy of this very salespage that you can personalize and have up on the net and selling for you in no time at all!

You haven't personalized a page as yet?  No problems!  You'll find a copy of our free bonus "Personalize & Publicize" in your total package which will lead you simple-step-by-simple-step to having your new internet business up there and earning for you.

So what is that investment if you grab this terrific package today?

It's just $9.97! 

That's less than 50 cents each for the headers AND the website, graphics, master resell rights and your bonus are free!!

Now we know, and we're sure that you realise too, that this is a ridiculously low price for what is on offer.  And we don't want you to think that this is a reflection on the product itself.  No way! 

Quite a lot of major marketers on the internet release a product quietly while they conduct their final research.  Then, just as soon as the research is finished... the price goes up to what they believe is fair. 

We're no different.  We like to launch, research and then finalise pricing.  So we can't tell you what this product will soon be sold at, other than to confirm that it certainly won't be $9.97!  Maybe $27?  Maybe $37? We don't know yet.

Brilliant package... silly price!  But not for long.  The right time for you to become a Web Designer is today! 

Go ahead... just click below for the safest payment facility on the internet and you'll be starting on your new career in just minutes.


Our very best wishes for your online success,

Christine Robins

Easy Marketing Group.

P. S. Think about it... "40 Graphic Headers Plus!" makes it just so easy for you to create your own professional header graphics in less than 10 minutes, even if you've never, ever done something like this before.

P.P.S  You also get the opportunity to make money by selling this package from the copy of this website salespage that is included in the package.  And your "Personalize & Publicize" bonus will even suggest ways of marketing your new business... tell the world that it's there!

P.P.P.S.  You have no less than 60 days to be totally happy with this package. If you decide that this package is not helping you and your customers towards your plans for an internet business, then just write for a refund. No questions asked!



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